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2019 November 3

Weelll, I know you're not supposed to start a sentence that way. But it's a deep subject. Plus, I'm just as human as anyone else. Here's what I have on the guilloché, so far. I'm not sure I like the braid, 50%; like and dislike, so that one could go either way. I'm also not sure about the dots. It's still early, this project has been given a deadline of November 30. Just took another look at it. I like the dots, but not the method I used to place them. That will be a redo. That will be today's goal, update the dot pattern to a smoother style. The guilloché border turned out nice. I thought it would, however, it's one of those things I can never be sure of, until I start connecting the dots. That means, I usually have at least an hour or more into a guilloché project before I can determine whether or not I should keep it.

In addition to the most current revision of the cartouche, I have the previous version for comparison. One take away from the comparison, it becomes obvious that the guilloché was not part of the original plan.

I'm glad I made the braid smaller. Braid V1 was just too large, even with the tapered ends. The updated version of the cartouche is larger in order to show the detail of the guilloché. Pardon the loud obnoxious watermark. Even in this unfinished state, I see the artwork as something a person would want to borrow. I have 12-18 hours worth of work invested into this project. No borrowing.

The meaning of pacassadilla, it's silly. Sometimes I call myself pacassa, a combination of my first initial and last name. To get pacassadilla, it happened when a group had gone to the Texas Chili Parlour on Lavaca. I had ordered a chicken quesadilla. Everyone else at the table was ordering stuff with bacon on it. I asked to get bacon on the quesadilla. It was awesome, I told the waitress that they should put it on the menu and call it... wait for it... the pacassadilla (smirk). Oh, and not sponsored by the Texas Chili Parlour, no affiliation either.

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